BioForce Strongman Athlete Crushes at the LA Fit Expo

Last update on Jan. 31, 2014.

BioForce Strongman Athlete Crushes at the LA Fit Expo

BioForce Athlete Dimitar Savatinov recounts his experience from last weekend's LA Fit Expo and the All-American Strongman Challenge

Going to LA fit Expo was a big thing for me, it was only my second pro show and I was going to compete against WSM veterans Mark Felix, Nick Best, Dave Osland, and fellow BioForce Athlete and WSM veteran, Jerry Pritchett, and some very serious Amateur guys…I knew it was going to be heavy.


We started with an axel clean and press for reps at 320 lbs that I tied for first place with Josh Thigpen, also veteran WSM competitor. Second event was wheelbarrow medley which we loaded a 300 lbs sand bag in to, picked it up, ran 20 feet, dropped it, loaded a 250 lbs keg, pick the wheelbarrow another 20 feet, drop it, put a 300 lbs keg, pick it up and finish with 20 feet run. With the last keg the full weight of the loaded wheelbarrow was about 1,500 lbs and I was the only one to finish the event.


Third event was yoke medley. The yoke had to be carried 60 feet down with 950 lbs, followed by a second yoke back the 60 foot length with 1050 lbs within the time limit. I went just half way with the 1050 lbs because of a technical mistake I made. I had the yoke bar set too high and I couldn't get in my proper position to carry the yoke well. I even went slower with the 950 lbs yoke for that reason and finished the event in 6th place.


Fourth event was a deadlift medley including a 550 lbs fishing pole, 650lbs axel on tires, 750 lbs low axel, and a 910 lbs 18 inch axle. I only managed to get the first 2 axels without the fishing pole, which put me in either 5th or 6th place.


The 5th event was a pole push, a very good event for me…I won without much trouble. It’s an event where 2 people standing on opposite ends of a wooden log have to push the other out of 20 foot circle to win.


The sixth and last event was the atlas stones. Going into them I was leading by half a point, with Jerry Pritchett in second. I knew it was going to be me or him. He did a good job. I went very fast on the first 4 stones thinking "just do this last one and win". I lifted the last stone easily into my lap, but I couldn't load it on the platform ring.


I knew Jerry won the contest once I made my mistake by not loading that stone. I guess it was his day and I can congratulate him with the good performance.


Getting ready for this contest I started using the HRV device by BioForce HRV. Normally I don't believe in stuff like this, but I started believing when I started seeing the readings on that incredible device and how they reflected how I felt. Normally I've been training on how I feel the day I go to train, and BioForce is giving me the right readings every day. With the HRV device matching how I feel about my training now I can optimize my training sessions much more accurately and I feel better going in to each training session now.


Not only has HRV helped me but the guys behind it also by helping me with travel/competition expenses and always answering my questions about HRV or training whenever I have them…they’re always available for help. They always post interesting articles about lifting, healing from injuries, training, and a lot more…You just have to check them out.     


Next contest is the biggest I’ve ever done for strongman, the Arnold Classic. I'm going to compete against the 9 strongest people in the world at this point, and some of them are possibly the strongest to ever walk on this planet. After that contest, we will see.


I hope to make it to WSM and to compete at the MHP World Strongest man Series. If somebody is interested in seeing my lifts and contest events, I have FB pages under my name Dimitar Savatinov (link below). You can like the page and watch it there or find me on my YouTube page.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my videos.


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