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New BioForce HRV Finger Sensor

Last update on Aug. 5, 2016.

New BioForce HRV Finger Sensor

We’re excited to introduce an entirely new way for you to take your HRV reading - The BioForce HRV finger sensor. Here’s what is so great about it:

  •  It’s easy to use: If you don’t want to roll around in bed to put on your chest strap, the finger sensor presents an excellent alternative
  •  It connects quickly: The finger sensor and receiver and plugged directly into the headphone jack of your mobile device, so connectivity is a breeze.
  •  It has a signal strength indicator: No need to guess at whether you have good contact between the sensor ...

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BioForce HRV 2.1 for Android

Last update on April 1, 2014.

BioForce HRV 2.1 for Android

The BioForce HRV 2.1 update is now live and available for Android devices

This is an extensive update designed to add compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0, fix minor issues that came up with the new Android release, and improve design and overall usability.

The complete list of changes in 2.1 include:

Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility* - requires a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device running Android OS 4.3 or higher (click here to see a list of Bluetooth 4.0 devices) as well as compatible Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter (see below)
Changed design to update to new logo and ...

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BioForce HRV Goes Social!

Last update on March 6, 2014.

One of the new features we’d like to point out is the ability to link your BioForce readings with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This feature will automatically post your readings as soon as you upload your reading to the server in the morning.

Just log in to your web account and click on the profile icon, then select account set up. At the bottom of that page there will be an option to turn on/off Facebook/Twitter Reporting. I am demonstrating how to in the pictures with Twitter, but it’s the same for Facebook.

 When you ...

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New Feature - Sleep Tracking

Last update on Jan. 15, 2014.

Hey BioForce Users!

We have received a lot of questions and requests on incorporating sleep tracking with the BioForce HRV system.

We now have added a new feature to help track your sleep quality and duration.

To log your sleep quality and duration, click on a data point on the graph within the web app to open the "Training Record - Notes" box.

Open Notes Box

You can find the sleep tracking feature on the right side below RPE Scale and Duration.

Sleep Tracking Feature

Enjoy tracking your sleep quality on a scale of 1 to 10, as well as logging how long you slept.

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